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» Preparing for an interview

The following points are just a guide. Interviews are varied and do not always follow a set pattern so they cannot therefore be easily categorised. However, our experience of successful interviews, along with feedback from our clients, indicates that your chances of success will be enhanced if you bear in mind the following points:

Company Background

Prepare yourself with as much information about the company and role as possible - visit the company's website as it should provide good information about the products/services the company offers. Try to gain an understanding of the structure of the company and the market the company is in.


Establish how many people will be interviewing you. Find out what their roles are within the company and preferably what their interview techniques are like.


Find out exactly where it is you have to go for the interview and what site you will be working at (if relevant). Make sure you have a map or directions as well as information on parking or the nearest railway station.


Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview. It is not a good first impression if you turn up late.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances you are going to be late, contact the company to inform them of your expected time of arrival and let us know that you have done this. On arrival, apologise immediately and explain your reasons.

Arriving early will give you the opportunity to read some information on the company in the reception area and gather your thoughts.


Dress smart, be aware of the company culture and ensure you dress to impress. Decide what you are going to wear the night before to avoid making the wrong choices.


Ensure you have read through your CV so you are able to answer any questions relating to it.

On arrival
When meeting the interviewer(s) for the first time, greet them with a smile, a strong handshake and be polite. Maintain good eye contact levels at all times, especially with the interviewer to whom you are responding to. Try to mimic the style of the interviewer i.e. if they are formal - be formal, if they are informal - be informal. Look and act alert and interested.

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