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» Questions to ask during the interview

The interview is a two way process. The company interviewing you will want to find out whether you are suitable to the position and you will want to find out if the company and position are right for you. You should therefore ensure that you have enough information to make up your mind.

Prepare your own questions in advance but make sure you use them in the context of the interview and take into account information that the interviewer has already provided. This will make you look interested in the company, and want to find out more about the role you are applying for. Some typical questions are: 

·   What would be a typical working day for this position?

·   What are the company's future plans?

·   What is the likely career development pathway in the next few years?

·   What possible training could I receive in this role, and do you offer study support?

·   How would you describe the culture of this company?


At the end of the interview, if the opportunity arises, ask them how they felt the interview went. Also, if you are interested in the position, it is important to tell them. 

Finally, ask what the follow up procedure is, and when you could expect to hear from them.
Thank them for their time.

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